Saturday, February 28, 2009

the teddy bear

"Oh Andy he's such a lovely bloke, I call him my teddy bear." 
That's nice I thought as I absent mindedly eavesdropped.
"I mean seriously, he is such a lovely bloke." Her friend made a sound like "hmmm"
"He has just got out of prison though". Her friend turned to her.
"Oh yes" she said "What he do?"
"Manslaughter. Although don't know how they got it down to that. He did reverse over the bloke. Twice"
"God!" Said her friend.
"No but seriously he is lovely. You just can't push him or he'll loose it" 
"The thing is" said her friend "There will always be someone to push him"
The woman paused "I hadn't thought of it like that"

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